Insurance Business America Awards, presented to you by Insurance Business America, would like to congratulate all the 2017 winners and finalists!


With over 20 award categories to recognize the excellence of insurance firms, insurance teams and insurance professionals in America, the Insurance Business America Awards aimed to inspire an industry fostered on leadership, service, innovation, support and principle, all of which have continuously driven the industry forward.


We were very fortunate to have amazing supporters, including our sponsors, judges, other esteemed guests and the rest of the Insurance Business community, who made this event possible.


Insurance Business would like to inform that, until further notice, we are not having the second Insurance Business America Awards this 2018. But don't worry—the pursuit of recognition is not lost on us! We are still working together for a comeback (date TBC), guaranteed bigger, better and more inclusive to the different facets of the Insurance industry.


In the meantime, we are creating continuing education events that touch on the pressing matters in our industry and connect top insurance professionals with one another in learning and sharing environments. Learn more about our other events by visiting


We look forward to the continued success of this industry in the years to come.

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